How Technology will Increase Student Engagement In Classroom

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Classrooms can use technology to increase student engagement and make lessons fun for them.

FREMONT, CA: One of the essential requirements of high-quality teaching is student engagement. But it isn't easy to find a definition in a single line because it includes various factors and numerous different components. When a student not only takes part in the learning activities but also is devoted to learning, only student engagement can be achieved. Education may include various factors like participating in classroom activities, level of motivation, attendance, and emotional participation. The students must also take ownership of the experience that they gain from learning, and it can include factors like a sense of purpose and belonging.

Students engaged in their subjects will attempt to learn and take an interest in the topic so that they can understand it. Therefore, to pass their exam or finish an assignment, they will exceed what is required. However, a student can also be disengaged in their studies due to lack of interest and motivation. These students will have limited participation in their classroom activities and do not show interest in education. Top 10 Elearning Technology Companies in APAC - 2020

Nowadays, numerous strategies can increase student engagement, and teh teachers can use it for their benefit. These strategies will increase their participation, interest, and even bring fun to the classroom.

Active Learning

Active learning prioritizes the involvement of students during the learning process. This method of learning takes help from meaning activities that force the students to think about the actions and the reason behind doing it. Active learning ensures that the students participate in the lessons taught in the classroom. Moreover, the method is also new and different from the traditional way of teaching.


This method uses gaming elements or game features in the educational context. The teachers can make classroom fun and lessons memorable for the students by applying gamification. The process will also boost student engagement as the students will eagerly participate in the games and even remember the information from their lessons.

Classroom Technology

Introducing classroom technology will help the students to get engaged in various ways. The teachers can develop lessons for the students by using different content so that they participate in it.  They can even use virtual reality, videos, and slideshow presentations while teaching. The method will not only increase student engagement, but it will also help them to gain more knowledge in a broader sense.

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