How the Use of Modern Ed-Tech Tools Help In Engaging Students

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Online education has already become the new norm, and the education industry is accrediting technology by all means.

FREMONT, CA: The education industry has immensely been getting modernized. With the classroom mounting on the internet, teachers and students are also opening doors to the digital education paradigm. Amid all the transformation that is taking place in the process of teaching and learning, educators of today are finding it challenging to gain complete attention of the students in order to allow them to focus well on studies and engage themselves in the class. Does technology have a way to engage students better during a digital class? Read on!

There is a lot of online teaching modules, which have predesigned lesson plans, teaching methodologies, classroom activities, and also monitoring applications that have the capability of measuring the participation level of each and every student in the bunch of learners that is being taught in an online setting. These teaching modules are developed by keeping in mind the way students find it interesting and exciting to learn and involve themselves well.

These days, teachers are making use of creative means to engage students. A quiz is one of the most effective ways in which facts and curriculum can be effortlessly learned, understood, and remembered. A lot of online education technology solutions prioritize gamification. With this, learning platforms based on the quiz are filling the biggest space in the market today. Also, other new tools are enabling the teachers to program the topic that they teach in the class to a quiz.

Technology is also coming up with increasingly innovative techniques to measure the level of involvement that any particular student shows in the online class. For this purpose, the technology of artificial intelligence is made use of. The students further receive their progress reports in the form of annotated feedback from their teachers and peers as well. In addition, images and adjectives also decorate the reports. In this way, technology is offering huge amounts of efficacy in engaging the learners and helping them get through the creative era of education.

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