How To Achieve A Successful Online Assessment In Education?

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Online Assessment is considered as key element of teaching-learning process, because it helps students learn and also make the work of educators easy.

FREMONT, CA: Nowadays, online assessment is becoming a critical part of the learning process. It focuses on the opportunities to develop students’ abilities, to make judgments about their performance, and work upon the weak areas. In the world of modern technologies, e-learning has become a tool that has saved not only time but also the efforts of an individual. 

Here are a few tips for making a successful online assessment in education:

Before talking about assessment, create an instructional framework centered on curriculum design 

First, teachers must gain a deep and cohesive understanding of what they’re trying to accomplish in the classroom. Then only they can choose the right assessment tools. Otherwise, they might go off in a different direction that conflicts with classroom needs.

Instruct the budgeting team on the importance of Edtech

All the educational technology needs sustained funding because after beginning, and people come to rely on them, and they will need continued or additional financing. Funding needs change with time, so the people in charge of setting expense lines need to be kept in the conversation.

Use multiple assessment sources to gather feedback

Top EdTech StartupsFirst of all, the educators need to create feedback for their students. Then they need to use a variety of resources like self evaluations, work over the course of an academic year, input from other teachers, etc. they cannot only depend on a single source to gather feedback for effective feedback; they have to use multiple sources of assessment.

Try to relate professional development to non-teaching staff

Generally, the IT staff support teachers in the class as they need to work closely with the teachers to understand better how they are using the assessments, and how they can use it in a much better way. But they should also try to relate professional development to non-teaching staff.

Perform main communication face-to-face

Regarding the goals of online assessments, the whole staff needs to be on the same page. While solving an issue, sometimes email threads create more confusion, but on the other hand in-person meetings can help in such cases. 

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