How to Engage Students with Smart Classrooms?

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Integration of BYOD, online worksheets, visual flashboards are some ways school organizations can harness the potential of a smart classroom.

FREMONT, CA: A smart classroom, unlike the conventional one, boasts of student engagement activities. The intelligent schoolroom setting is a platform that enables students to learn faster, smarter, and proficiently. Moreover, the idea of a smart schoolroom helps schools to focus on the students learning and cater to their needs making it an inclusive environment for the learners.

Students, in the present day, prefer to use phones, tablets, and other devices to share study material that saves time and efforts. On the other hand, smart technology helps teachers to turn dreary lectures into an engaging one. So, be it any classroom issue on attendance, performance, or engagement, the integration of smart classroom assists in addressing and fixing the problems.

Below are some suggestions for the school principals and administrators to harness the potential of a smart classroom:

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

School principals can bring in the practice of BYOD to the ambitious classrooms to let students feel encouraged. The devices can be connected to the Wi-Fi in the class to engage learners efficiently. So, with BYOD, students will get access to the digital board and will be able to contribute to each class from the comforts of their seats.

Worksheets Online

To get students involved in the classroom activities, teachers create spreadsheets in their off time, print, and then hand them out to the students. Furthermore, educators collect the material back to evaluate and hand over to the students upon assessment. The process is grueling to be continued as a tool of engagement in the classrooms. So, to overcome the issue, administrators can get in the digitized process of worksheet creation and evaluation. There are applications available that can help educators in creating and dispersing the worksheets to pupils in a jiffy. Additionally, technology also assists teachers in the assessment of the sheets. The whole process of digitalization helps students to keep up with their school curriculum at home and school alike.

Virtual Flashcards

Another effective way to keep the classroom engaged is to introduce the use of virtual flashcards. Flashcards get students excited and engaging to make learning fun; be it a simple math calculation or a complicated scientific name. The tools turn concepts into a question and answer session for the learners, and even the submissive ones respond well. The digital cards save teachers from the hassle of carrying the sets of them in the bags and keep turning over the cards to see the question.

Visual Concepts

When understanding an idea, a visual technique is an exceptional means. Be it any theory, from how does a planet revolve around the sun to the working of an engine, teachers can teach them with visuals. Educators can explain the logic behind a specific study or provide background and then demonstrate them with the help of illustrations. Furthermore, it is also believed that pupils remember better when they envisage an idea or the data surrounding it. A lot of visual content is available online, so school organizations can make use of them to enhance the students’ instruction.

A Solution to Keep Up With the Attendance

The incorporation of a smart classroom assists teacher in inviting the absent students and those who have enrolled for a distant learning programme to be a part of the on-going class. Additionally, educators can also ask the pupils who are on leave or sick to contribute, ask queries letting the students attending the class from classroom to collaborate. The overall solution helps learners to be in sync with teachers at any time and from anywhere.

Classroom Projects

A group project conversely helps teachers in keeping the students engaged and let them research a topic and present it in the classroom through the show and tell session. In an intelligent classroom setup, pupils can access videos, pictures, audio clips, and relevant reports online to support their opinions in the classroom effortlessly. Projects not only engage students but also teach them collaboration that helps with conversational skills and aids confidence levels.

The above tips constitute in bringing out the paramount skills in the students. Whether a student is timid or outspoken, pupils can learn and grow in an interactive and fun setting with active engagement. So, principals and administrators can effortlessly implement the suggestions without having to try hard and subsequently produce good outcomes.

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