How Video-Based Learning Is Beneficial?

By Education Technology Insights | Monday, January 06, 2020

Video-based learning is gaining popularity because it improves learning outcomes, increases social connection, and provides benefits to the whole organization.


FREMONT, CA: On the path to behavior change, video-based learning can be a powerful stepping stone. One can hear about a new concept, but watching it being performed better prepares you for completing a new task yourself. Video-based learning has become an essential tool in learning arsenal. 

Here are two critical types of benefits of using video-based learning:

Benefits to Learning Impact

Videos are engaging as it can be effectively used with a variety of content. Short and powerful clips grab the attention of the learners and viewers quickly. If a new topic kicked off with a 2-3 minute clip, it engaged the learners and set a perfect platform for them to learn. Videos become more attractive as it can be used with a variety of content. Video-based learning can become a useful stepping stone on the path to behavior change. Interactive videos facilitate thinking and problem-solving on the part of the learner. 

Organizational Benefits

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Video-based learning can benefit not just the individual learner but the whole organization. It has the most impact when used as part of a strong blended learning program. Video-based learning can achieve all of an organization’s learning objectives. An organization should use video-based learning judiciously as part of a cohesive change initiative rather than offering only video-based learning. Earlier, a common concern about video-based education was tracking usage, but now most Learning Management Systems (LMS) allows tracking several key metrics such as registration and completion, including interactive elements in the videos means more to measure.

Social Benefits

Video-Based learning is a powerful medium for meeting the employees’ social needs; Customized videos can maximize social impact than using off-the-shelf components. E-Learning element for a larger organization’s onboarding program and included video snippets of previous hires give their best advice to the newcomers. It is better to open a meeting with a short video clip than a random discussion. If executed well, these experiences create common ground and help to cultivate an organization’s culture and a sense of belonging.

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