How Videoconferencing Is Connecting Campus Communities?

Education Technology Insights | Friday, November 22, 2019

New, modern collaboration tools give students, educators and visitors freedom and flexibility to connect with each other without any hurdle.

FREMONT, CA: In the age of advanced and modern technologies, all the industries are depended on technologies in a way or another. Now in the education sector, the videoconferencing platform is connecting campus communities. With the help of this platform, teachers and students can collaborate with each other by just being at their comfort places.

Here are some benefits of videoconferencing platform:

Videoconferencing Tools Fill A Desire to Feel Connected

Most of the students from different universities use Zoom to collaborate with classmates and meet with advisors from the comfort of their homes. Most of the teachers also use Zoom to bring outside speakers from any part of the world. Lecture rooms also have Vaddio and Huddle videoconferencing cameras and either Biamp or wireless microphones, while meeting rooms and seminar-style spaces have Polycom Studio cameras with built-in microphones and speakers. USM started installing such modern types of equipment after completing an exhaustive review of all classrooms system-wide and then surveying the community about technology wants and needs. According to the assessment, most of the teaching spaces were long overdue for technology upgrades. 

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Main Students Stay Connected with Collaboration Tools

The new platform is accessible through the learning management system, includes wireless screen sharing, file sharing, whiteboard, and synchronous audio and video capabilities. It is suitable for the existing collaboration portfolio, and it keeps students connected with collaboration tools. Educators use to conduct job interviews with remote applicants, and faculty members use it to meet with students who can’t attend office hours. 

Collaboration Tools Bring Flexibility to Various Campus Tasks

Several collaboration tools bring flexibility to different tasks of campus. Earlier, these advanced tools were pretty complicated, and they presented a lot of challenges for people who wanted to try them, but now they have proved to be smooth tools for them. Videoconferencing creates a favorable environment to study for the students and also reduce the need for travel and save people time. Now students and faculty can easily collaborate in ways that they couldn’t before.

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