How VR And AR Is Revolutionizing Education Industry?

By Education Technology Insights | Friday, June 12, 2020

Usage of AR and VR enabled tools is increasing day by day in the education sector, and most of the organizations are using these modern technologies to make the teaching learning process more interesting.

FREMONT, CA: Technologies are revolutionizing all the industries including education industry. To make the teaching and learning process more interesting education sector is embracing modern tools like AR and VR. A growing number of educators are using extended reality applications to let students study and understand things in a better way.

Here are some advantages of using AR and VR in the education industry:

• AR as a Troubleshooter

Nowadays AR has become more reliable approach to the learning process. Students get bored with conventional method of teaching so by using AR and VR they can learn in a better and excited way. Unlike virtual reality, AR doesn’t require the availability of complex equipment. Augmented reality shows its large practicality as just a mobile like a smartphone device is required to use AR.

• Paper Textbooks Are of the Past

AR is an interesting platform which attracts students. Although textbooks have many interesting images and stories still students find them boring and don’t like them. Apps with augmented reality provide more immersive experience and students learn something through gamification. It is much more interesting, and the information is perceived better.

• No Costly Equipment

Another great benefit is that it does not require any costly equipment. It does not even require digital hardware, like VR helmets, but also about stands and whiteboards, projectors, and others so it is pocket friendly.

• Deeper Immersion

Whether it may be any subject including history, science, English, maths, geography etc, AR-based tools help to study the information thoroughly. Even the boring subjects become more interesting for students. However, VR cannot be ignored by the education sector, as well, with the availability of special glasses or helmet; it will be possible to completely revolutionize the way children learn.

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