i>clicker Releases REEF Polling to Offer Enhanced User Experience

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, May 11, 2016

NEW YORK, NY: Superseding the mobile solution, i>clicker GO, i>clicker team has come up with REEF Polling, a new product that enhances the user friendly experience.

REEF Polling is free for professors, can be set up within two minutes. It does not require the import of content into a system, and allows dynamic polling sessions with any presentation application (slides, video, websites, etc.). Once enabled, professors ask multiple choice, numeric and short answer questions. Grading, Excel reporting and the upload or synchronization of data into Learning Management Systems is available. All class data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Students can access REEF Polling via any smart device with a Web browser, have the option to download a free iOS app from the iTunes app store

Not only can students participate in live polling sessions, they can access the session history outside of class that includes presentation images, questions and answer history for use as a study guide.

With the rapid increase in both wireless technology and mobile devices in the hands of students, the capabilities of student response systems, or clickers, have expanded. A recent ECAR (Educause Center for Analysis and Research) Study of Faculty and Information Technology survey highlighted that faculty are clearly dedicated to using technology in innovative ways that will support student learning. The survey also pointed out that some faculty still do ban or discourage smartphones and tablets, are concerned about in-class use of mobile technology being distracting, and 88percent of higher education classrooms have Wi-Fi.


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