iFOLIO's Secret Sauce to Capturing the Education Market

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, January 03, 2019

Jean Marie Richardson, President & CEO

Today’s technologies are transforming the education sector to a new level with many advanced solutions by various providers. One of the needs in this industry that is still being addressed is student portfolio management. Although several organizations are trying to solve the issues in this particular area, iFOLIO has already begun to change the industry for good, with its optimum solutions to educational organizations. iFOLIO, the Atlanta-based digital portfolio firm, offers student portfolio modules pre-built in their Educator solution for college applications. The iFOLIO SaaS platform offers innovative options for educational institutes to engage digital pages. It is a flexible, fully customizable, and easy-to-use platform, with digital portfolios pre-built, AI and viewer analysis, maximizing front, and back office impact. Jean Marie Richardson, the founder and CEO of iFOLIO says, “iFOLIO helps students be mindful from the get-go of what kind of portfolio they should develop before they even begin.”

iFOLIO, a software-as-a-service solution, gives administrators, managers, and students worldwide access from computers and browsers. In the student portfolio modules, insights and examples of admissions are included. Students can then concentrate on their own story and visually bring it to life with more than 150 options. Companies can concurrently give students such options in several groups at different places, with limited connectivity and maximum usability.

"iFOLIO helps students be mindful from the get-go of what kind of portfolio they should develop before they even begin."

Primarily, for further development, iFOLIO is partnering with other organizations to expand its offerings. Recently, iFOLIO has strategically partnered with Game Changer LLC, a consulting organization committed to helping companies grow through the installation and training of accounting software, CFO services, social media marketing, and special project support. The CEO of the company is Rennie Curran, keynote speaker, author, and board member, all-American and former NFL player at the University of Georgia Football. He and his company is a provider of classes for individuals, teams, and organizations to overcome adversity and reach their full potential through workshops, interactive presentations, and private coaching.

With the partnership of Curran’s Game Changer LLC, Jean is hopefully assuming to gain more efficiency in her company and the services which it offers. Today, iFOLIO is gaining rapid growth in the U.S. with thousands of clients support, in about 56 countries, and with an assuring pathway for their product distribution.

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