Important School Management Software Features

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, September 08, 2021

School Administration Software is a "platform" that automates and digitizes your institution's everyday administrative and academic processes such as online admission, daily attendance, assignment management, fee payment, bulk data management, and online classes.

FREMONT, CA:  School Management Software is a widely used EdTech platform for K12 and higher education institutions that enables remote academic and administrative operations management. This paperless solution enables institutes to efficiently manage admission, attendance, fee submission, online examination, and online class processes.

The Following Is a List of the best school management software modules:

Admission of Students via the Internet

Automate the entire admissions process to eliminate errors and paperwork. Maintain student and parent information efficiently, modify the admission form, and manage documents.

Online Class Administration

Zoom, Google Meet, and Big Blue Button enable students to offer online classes from the comfort of their own homes.

E-Learning Management

 Institutes can provide students with a high-quality education outside of the classroom. Students can download shared courses, view recorded lectures offline, participate in conversations, create learning reminders, and share and discuss their doubts with lecturers and classmates.

Charges and Financial Management

No more standing in a long queue to submit fees.  Online School Management Software enables automating transactions, sending quick reminders to parents/students regarding due payments, and adding taxes and reductions required by the institute.

Management of Attendance

Track student attendance by subject or day, send fast notifications to parents and keep them informed if their child misses any courses. Utilize biometric/RFID integration to automate attendance tracking.

Management of Assignments

For students, create and share online assignments, homework, quizzes, and surprise tests. Monitor children’s academic progress and provide findings or feedback to parents promptly.

Management of Examinations

School management software automates the examination procedure and schedules examinations of various types. Send notifications or rapid alerts to students and parents using the messaging system and instantly communicate examination results.

Management of Custom Reports

Produce various detailed reports, including attendance reports, fees-pending reports, placement reports, and examination result reports. Additionally, customize and adjust the field to the institute's specifications.

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