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Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Educators need to leverage the science of learning, along with interactive activities to strengthen student identity.

FREMONT, CA: The science of learning deals with the interchanging approaches across conventional fields of study and draws on different techniques and methods to understand the process of learning—ultimately to optimize the learning for everyone. Most of all science of learning today focuses on how the populace can maximize knowledge preservation. 

With the help of the science of learning, teachers can design activities that are engaging, efficient, model persistence, and that can strengthen student identity. Most learning happens when pupils engage their sensing and thinking capabilities along with the feeling structures in the brain collectively.


Problem-solving, decision-making, or the thinking spot of the brain is the place where targets are planned and established. Then the strategies are designed to work out the plan, and the overall success rate is determined via reflection and evaluation. For pupils to connect with their learning, more activities that bond well, the thinking area should be included in digital instruction. The actions are required to communicate the standard principles to learn the skill, create collaboration opportunities, and provide interactive movements that direct children through a reflection method.

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Students become deeply engaged in learning when their senses are activated, and that is when they look for ways to tailor their connection to the concepts. Digital instruction containing animation, music, and physical objects hold the potential for enhanced learning. Lessons having tasks provide pupils an opportunity to be collaborative and active.


When a concept is introduced to a classroom, students must correlate it with positive emotions and experience, and idea to connect them to an occurrence of learning success. The method helps in encouraging the students to develop an optimistic connection to the subject.

The overall idea to include digital instruction in the lessons is to let students personalize their learning process through connections. Additionally, the process adds to the student’s success and increases knowledge retention power.

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