Improving Post-Secondary Education with Unique Approach

By Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Northern Michigan University School of Education, Public Service and Leadership,  provides students with opportunities to become educators, leaders, and public servants who are continually striving to develop and maintain themselves. These students are models of sound democratic citizenship, skilled and knowledgeable practitioners who improve their According to the 2016 rankings posted on the SR Education Group’s website, OnlineU, NMU ranks 18th nationwide for the most affordable online teaching degrees.

Joe Lubig, an educator from northern Michigan University, has been appointed by Governor Rick Snyder to the 21st Century Education Commission for his first public debut at a statewide commission, which includes an associate dean for education, leadership, and public service at the NMU.

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The Education Commission of the 21st century published its long-awaited report. Rick Snyder formally created the commission by Executive Order 2016-6 in March 2016. Dr. Thomas Haas, President of Grand Valley State University, chaired the commission, which has been working with 24 other members representing administrators, teachers, unions, and business leaders, representatives of higher education, government, charter-education leaders, and early childhood experts in the field.

The report includes three components and nine guiding principles with key strategies for implementing the principles. All of this is intended to radically improve student achievement and post-secondary education, whether by 2025 they have graduated, trained, formalized or qualified.

The key objective of the commission is to bring together educators, industry leaders, and policymakers to build a culture of learning and success for citizens of Michigan. Lubig says that he aims to promote respect for education as a profession in the commission.

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It sets some key changes in Michigan's education perspectives in the governance section. This cannot be done without people’s vote as the State Board is set up in the Constitution as a publicly elected body. It also calls upon the Michigan Education Department of other state departments to consolidate educational functions and enhance MDE’s capacity to support schools. Finally, it proposes to restructure the intermediate districts of the school.



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