Improving Student Outcomes With the Help of AI

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Artificial Intelligence can pinpoint efficient instructive methods, strategies, and techniques that are desired for the next-generation.

FREMONT, CA: Many teachers and educators are curious about the means to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) in schools. More importantly, educators want to know how to use AI to improve student outcomes. So, how does AI help organizations achieve the goal of perking up the pupil outcomes?

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Here are a few ways to achieve the goal of enhancing student outcomes:

•    With the latest technologies and devices becoming progressively more sophisticated and nuanced, the tools will further be able to capture visual, voice, and track voice, and biological data. AI will then be competent to leverage the technologies to evaluate compound skills.

•    AI can pin down the most efficient instructive strategies, methods, and techniques, methods, along with the contexts and applications of learning that are desired for the next generation.

•    The technology can help in extensive data collection and analytics tasks that allow teachers to find the most effective educational and classroom management practices for every individual pupil.

•    AI can merge information and content and support syllabus delivery with deep learning.

•    Artificial Intelligence can offer just-in-time evaluation by leveraging big data and learning analytics to locate changes in motivation and confidence levels in each student. The offering allows educators to manage timely interventions for struggling pupils.

•    The simulation also helps in developing software to evaluate a student’s intensity of understanding by examining how a learner arrived at an answer. The method gives educators valuable insights into a pupil’s thought process that can be used to build personalized education plans. Additionally, the instruction helps students chase an educational path that serves two purposes. The objectives include facilitating pupils to study concepts that interest them and assist them in reaching full academic potential.

•    Artificial Intelligence can provide students with a personal instructor to lend a hand when learners need help in perking up a learning experience.

•    The tool can further be used to develop meaningful wisdom experiences like project-based learning and gamified learning.

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