Improving the Quality and Speed of Clinical Ultrasound Scanning

Education Technology Insights | Friday, January 25, 2019

MedaPhor is one of the world’s leading medical institutions, which was established in 2004 with their headquarters in Cardiff, UK, and Georgia, USA. The company’s principle is to evolve world-class ultrasound software and simulation technologies that enhance the quality and speed of clinical ultrasound scanning. Their talented software development team works closely with its clinical consulting group and clients to ensure they are at the leading edge of technological development and satisfy customer demands.

The division, ultrasound simulation, and training team based in Cardiff, UK, focuses on ultrasound hygiene education and training through simulation. ScanTrainer, Obstetrical, gynecological, and overall medical ultrasound simulation systems are state of the art simulation products; HeartWorks, echocardiography training, and BodyWorks, a simulator for the Ultrasonic Point of Care education in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care. In over 300 medical institutions in 30 countries around the world, over 500 systems have been installed.

The Oxford-based Ultrasound Clinical Assistance Team focuses on developing AI algorithms to improve the smarter and more accessible use of high-tech machines. The deeper-learning algorithms used by ScanNav are used for automated image-identification and grading to guide, assess, and audit obstetrical scanning. NeedleGuide simplifies the needle guidance with AR needle guide and automated needle tip tracking.

ScanTrainer teaches basic and advanced skills in ultrasound scanning which allow trainees to study in a low-pressure non-clinical environment in their own time and at their own pace. ScanTrainer is the only ultrasound training simulator to provide curriculum-based instruction through real patient scans using haptic feedback, real-time support and extensive metric evaluation in a single system. ScanTrainer Case Generator allows tutors, within or around their organization, to upload and disclose their own patient scans, create, and share case scans with other users.  The ScanTrainer Case Library is offered by flexible cloud access to an ever-growing library with more than 500 regular and abnormal cases created using real patient scans only through ScanTrainer Examine. 

MedaPhor has recently raised £5.08 million through a £5 million grant and an open offer of nearly £79,000. The net profit for the transaction shall be used for the development, regulation, and general operating capital of artificial intelligence-based products of ScanNav AutoCapture and ScanNav AnatomyGuide. Medaphor is also planning to re-brand itself as an intelligent ultrasound group with a headquarters in Cardiff, reflecting its movement into AI.

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