Incorporating Adaptive Learning Platform for Cannabis Awareness

Education Technology Insights | Monday, March 23, 2020

Ulrik Juul Christensen, CEO

The partnership of companies has jointly targeted the issues raised by misinformation of cannabis handling and usage, following the legalization in Canada.

FREMONT, CA: Following the legalization of cannabis in Canada, Area9 Lyceum and International Cannabis Solutions (ICS) have jointly proposed to present an adaptive learning-based corporate education on cannabis and the workplace in the country. The program aims to assist employers and employees in coping with the use of cannabis and handling its effects in the workplace.

ICS has scripted a multi-lingual, internationally valid, evidence-based workplace program on the utilization of cannabis for both legal adult usage and medical purposes. These solutions developed by ICS will be disseminated, and the propaganda will be spread via Area9 Lyceum’s world-class Area9 Rhapsode adaptive learning platform. “We look at all the elements in the learning ecosystem of our clients to determine the areas where adaptive and personalized learning can provide value and proceed accordingly,” mentions Nick J. Howe, chief learning officer of Area9 Lyceum. This platform leverages AI to deliver customized instruction accordingly to the client.

This powerful duo comprising the workplace programs on cannabis by ICS and the adaptive learning platform by Area9 will solely focus on the critical issues to educate the public. With the compliance to recommendations of the Task Force on Cannabis Legislation and Regulation of Canada, these programs have been supported across the country. With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, almost 33 states and the District of Columbia in the U.S. have accepted and passed laws stating the legalization of marijuana in one form or the other. The risks addressal, compliance, and issues with safety that are linked with the legalization of cannabis need to be streamlined to educate the public. It can assist in fostering the social responsibility on the employer’s part while employees can be educated. This helps in preventing the spread of misinformation, which has the potential to create safety, health, and other social issues.

Being a scalable solution, personalized adaptive learning can transform the cost equation drastically when compared to conventional methods of learning. “Higher education, publishers, and corporate clients will all benefit from a powerful personalized experience for the learners, driven by cutting edge technology based on learning science,” concludes Howe. Area9, recognized and enlisted as one of the Top 10 LMS Solution Providers 2019 by Education Technology Insights magazine, has developed and delivered a large variety of safety, compliance, and other corporate education workshops. The advanced adaptive learning platform by Area9 has fuelled the conception of the various programs to increase knowledge and competence as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Area9, which was founded by doctors, has a long history in the field of medicine, education, and healthcare. 

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