Innovative Features Help To Gain Popularity for Blackboard Learn

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are a colossal success as it leverages technology tools to provide adaptive e-learning experiences. These systems adjust to a learner’s behavior to fill the skill gaps and foster growth of an individual.

Blackboard Inc., a Washington D.C. based educational technology company, delivers online courses and training via its Software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment of Blackboard Learn. Blackboard Learn is the company’s flagship LMS, which has helped more than twenty-five percent of the institutions to transition to the new SaaS deployment over the last five months. It also provides continuous delivery of new features with zero downtime updates and quick delivery of fixes.

Blackboard Learn enables the clients to deploy the Ultra experience, a next-generation user interface. Ultra provides streamlined workflows with its easy-to-use design, which empowers the users to have immediate access to personalized information and actionable insights into their learning processes right on their screens.

 In addition to the streamlined workflows, Ultra also provides learning modules for organizing present content. It also allows the content creators to make a specific order of their materials allowing students to learn through a guided path. It also enable instructors to update common settings for the entire content, saving a lot of time.

Bill Ballhaus, CEO, and President, Blackboard Inc. says, “We are thrilled that so many of our clients are now reaping the benefits of our robust cloud-based LMS solution, in many cases building on the benefits they already get from our other SaaS solutions. We’re seeing growing interest in the SaaS deployment as clients recognize that they can seamlessly make the transition without disrupting students or teachers.” He further states, “We have also nearly doubled the number of clients who are implementing the new Ultra experience, a clear example of the growing momentum Ultra is having around the world, thanks to an increasing number of functionalities and unmatched flexibility that allow institutions to further adapt the LMS to their specific needs.”

The innovative usage of Blackboard Learn has helped in increasing its popularity in regions like China and South Korea. The company is planning to enhance its integrated portfolio for its edtech platform which includes Open source LMS and Cloud-based solutions for collaborative learning.

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