Introducing Istation, A New Learning Experience For Students

Education Technology Insights | Monday, August 08, 2022

Technological developments have changed the processes of the education sector. With the creation of a new student experience, Istation provides an enhanced digital experience for the students for their learning.

FREMONT, CA: "We are so excited to empower students with robust new options to personalize their learning journey," said Istation President and Chief Operating Officer Ossa Fisher. "I am extremely proud of the strides in innovation we've made to help classrooms everywhere."

As a technology leader in the field of education, Istation has introduced a new student experience designed to power educational innovation within the industry. In addition to giving students a sense of ownership over their learning, Istation's digital experience offers them greater engagement opportunities, growth opportunities, and a more engaging learning experience than ever before. Through adaptive, learn-as-you-go instructional paths, the new experience keeps the attention of modern learners and keeps them motivated. As part of the program, students receive guided feedback, encouraging them to perform at their best. As students work toward grade-level mastery, interactive tools provide clear insights into their progress.

Incentives, such as customized avatars and achievement celebrations, are now available to students who have progressed during their studies. As part of the new interface design for the home screen, Grade-appropriate interfaces have been created, taking into account students' age and stage of development. Additionally, the students have access to many fun lessons, games, and manipulatives in addition to the curriculum. Assisted by teacher-prescribed activities to build critical skills, they can also prepare activities to boost their sense of agency through self-selected activities. Students' age and developmental level are considered when creating new home screen designs, which offer a grade-level appropriate interface.

The use of Istation allows administrators and educators to easily track their students' progress, their schools, and the progress of their classrooms.

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