InventHelp Creates an Improved School Bus Information System

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, September 02, 2021

InventHelp improves school bus communication between drivers, dispatch, and parents.

FREMONT, CA: InventHelp builds an upgraded school bus information system to better communicate between drivers, dispatch and parents.

In a press conference, an inventor from Cincinnati, Ohio, says that he being a school bus driver felt that there should be a better method to track routes and receive updates from dispatch and parents. At the same time, out in the field, so he has designed the ROUTE RUNNER.  His approach obviates the need for a route sheet, saves time, and provides additional peace of mind.

The invention enables school bus drivers to have an effective information system. As a result, communication between the driver, dispatch, and parents is improved. As a result, it keeps drivers informed about routes, changes, and student attendance, among other things, and it enhances organization, safety, accuracy, and convenience. Due to the invention's adaptability and ease of use, it is excellent for school buses and other professional drivers. Additionally, it is available in a variety of design options.

The initial design was sent to InventHelp's Cincinnati sales office. It is currently licensed or available for purchase by manufacturers or marketers.

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