Is AI-Powered Education a Revolution?

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, February 24, 2021

AI-powered education interfaces can help educators with their jobs and make it more productive.         

FREMONT, CA: Previously, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was often considered robots. Machines that exhibited human-like features with an artificial brain. Today, AI comprises anything and everything. Be it vehicles, corporations, entertainment, smart homes, search algorithms, education, or medical services, and AI has revamped all the better sectors. The pandemic is an opportunity for PEOPLE to experiment and IMPLEMENT new technologies to make education meaningful for learners. AI will transform education for a better user experience and effective learning. Here is to know more.

Auto Grading for Correctness and Promptness

In a conventional academic set up, most of the teacher’s time is consumed in evaluating the assignments and classwork of their students. With auto-grading through AI and ML algorithms, educators can foster better time utilization. This will allow educators to teach their students effectively and ensure that a fair grading is based on performance.

Asynchronous Learning Sessions with AI 

Students are studying from home, and it becomes complex for students to attend synchronous classes. Unlike classroom learning, online learning does not enable re-reading, skipping, or learning at students’ speed. AI technology can be deployed to provide personalized instructions to students who cannot attend live sessions with teachers. AI-powered software is aiding students to transition from conventional classroom learning to remote learning.

Performance Tracking with AI 

Adaptive learning can extensively track student performance. Students who cannot catch up during online classes also have an option to learn and grow. Besides, they can be adaptively involved in extended lesson connected activities until they are readied to innovate. Gaps between the lectures and learning material often lead students confused. The best solution for this issue is to engage in personalized and feedback-driven conversations in chatbots. The learning operation is continuous, and students manage their learning patterns.

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