Is Technology Solely Driving Student Engagement?

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, August 06, 2020

Digital education has brought with it digital ways to engage students as well.

FREMONT, CA: The education system is evolving. The curriculum is changing. The same traditional paper and pen-based exams are now on a pause for some time. What is the cause and the reason for this rigorous shift in the paradigm of education? Why is technology outlining the teaching and learning methods lately? Is digital education soon going to replace the physical education system? Well, while a lot of answers lie in the condition of the pandemic, which has been occurred as an impact of the outbreak of the novel COVID virus, technology also has its agenda raised in the realm of education.

Top 10 Student Information System Companies - 2019The norm of online education is not new. But what is really new is the ways students and teachers are connected and also the channels through which the teachers engage learners and help them reach deeper levels of involvement in the lessons. In this wake, education technologists have been creating high tech and innovative solutions. Many of such innovations are already out, and some of them could be active learning apps for enhanced interaction, shifted classroom solution that can flip the living rooms of both teachers and students into a classroom, and smart performance evaluation interfaces that are based on AI.    

Engineers have gone a step ahead in order to create highly engaging and attractive teaching and learning means such as podcasts of the seminars, videos of the chapters rather than regular lectures and readings, are sure to help the student keep their focus unfaded on a long period of time. Also, technology has options to make the learning material reach the students beforehand, so the digital class or a session can completely be used for live interactions that enable the teachers to understand the students and their level of involvement in a better manner.

Gamification is one of the most effective and ideal methods to skyrocket student engagement. Teachers can introduce games in the form of quizzes, video games to test the students on the core concepts of the curriculum.

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