JumpStart Launches Neopets Legends & Letters Mobile to Revitalize Brand

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, March 21, 2019

JumpStart, a pioneer in learning-based games for kids, has announced the launch of their Neopets Legends and Letters mobile games. This new game tends to engage nostalgic players as it connects old Neopets fans with a new RPG puzzle battle. The game features customizable characters along with entirely new storylines and characters in a mobile format. The reintroduction of Neopets with technology is designed explicitly for new-gen gamers while holding onto the core components of the decades-old brand. Neopets have become one of the biggest internet phenomenon which are also teaching girls to code and pursue careers in STEM.

CEO of JumpStart Games, Jim Czulewicz enthuses, "Neopets is a much-loved brand, and we devoted a good deal of time and energy to get the experience just right for loyal fans, folks who are familiar with the game but have not played in a while, and for an entirely new generation of gamers. We believe that we have captured the perfect mix of nostalgia and the elements that made the game great along with a complete refresh of features to keep Neopets relevant and exciting to everyone. Our team eagerly awaits feedback from the Neopets community for this release. We are on a mission to continue to deliver timeless and engaging Neopets games that are enjoyed by both children and adults because they are so fun and engaging for everyone."

Neopets Legends & Letters is the first of many new Neopets mobile games and apps that Neopets fans are looking forward to playing this year. Over its 25 years of history, JumpStart Games has earned the trust of millions and is well-known for releasing several critically-acclaimed titles that include School of Dragons, a prominent multiplayer game. JumpStart was formerly known as Knowledge adventure and is a wholly owned subsidiary of NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited and is based in California.

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