K-12 Leveraging AI for Personalized Tutoring

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, February 13, 2019

AI becomes an integral part of human life and has defined its role in different areas. Today, AI is no longer confined to science fiction movies. It’s a part of the classrooms. The introduction of new AI-based technologies will profoundly affect the world of education. The increased use of AI in education certainly has enormous opportunities to improve learning and teaching.

The presence of AI in the education industry leads to two key points for schools in K-12. First, schools in K-12 should use current AI solutions to help with the performance in the classroom to network security and monitoring. Secondly, students must begin to learn how to design, manipulate, and work with AI machines. This will help them to build the foundation they need when they are preparing to enter the workplace.

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AI technologies can help teachers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of students. AI can help educators understand where students are struggling and what they do not understand by collecting and interpreting valuable student data. Whether it helps students with special needs or educators develop curricula to address specific weaknesses, AI can help schools and districts tailor education to suit individual learning styles.

In addition to acting as a personalized learner, AI can also help students with special needs by adapting materials to succeed. Since AI plays a more teaching role by providing s

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tudents with the necessary information, the role of teachers in the classroom will change. Teachers will become facilitators or motivators of learning in the classroom. AI can help educators spend even more time on automated grading instruction.

AI will also provide students outside the classroom with personalized tutoring. If students need to strengthen their skills or master ideas before an evaluation, AI can provide students with the other tools they need to succeed. While artificial intelligence does not entirely replace teachers, it may reshape the teaching and learning method of students. Increased pressure to reduce costs and produce better results will continue to push AI to new levels in education.

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