K16 Solutions Announces Successful Completion of LMS Platform Migration

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, October 21, 2020

K16 Solution announces a technical breakthrough with third Sakai LMS integration.

FREMONT, CA: K16 Solutions, the industry pioneer in EdTech for LMS migration and course design, announces successful completion of another full and comprehensive LMS platform migration from Sakai to Canvas. Rutgers University recently used K16 Solutions' breakthrough technology, Scaffold, to move to Canvas, marking the company's third, full-scale Sakai migration in its short history.

Previously, K16 Solutions assisted migrate Wake Forest University and the University of South Alabama from Sakai. The case of Rutgers University is especially notable in that the institution was on several LMS platforms, including Blackboard, and was in need to find a quick, automated, and accurate solution to migrate and transform content from all its LMS platforms to just one.

When K16 Solutions joined University at the table to discuss the unique challenges around its LMS transition to Canvas, K16 did not come with a quick-fix to sell us, but rather an offer to partner with Rutgers in identifying the issues, developing a solution, and implementing it in a means that would meet the requirements of all its stakeholders. Throughout the experience, the K16 team showed their technical prowess, willingness to partner, and, most importantly, empathy for the faculty and students.

K16 has migrated well over 125,000 courses with its Scaffold technology and can combine with all major LMS platforms, including Sakai, D2L, Moodle, Blackboard, and Canvas. Over the last six months, K16 Solutions has successfully transferred tens of thousands of courses with over a dozen institutions. The company looks forward to helping others who need to migrate off Sakai or another platform, and it is ready to make this process painless for them, their faculty, and their students.

Founded by experienced higher education pioneers, faculty, and academic entrepreneurs, K16 Solutions remediates the biggest LMS challenges facing institutions today. Scaffold technology, powered by K16 Solutions, enables schools to quickly and seamlessly migrate LMS platforms, build better courses, and archive outdated online courses.

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