Keep Parent Engagement Intact With These Data Tools

Keep Parent Engagement Intact With These Data Tools

By Education Technology Insights | Monday, July 01, 2019

Data ToolsFor organizations to maintain a meaningful relationship with parents, there is no better way than to introduce digital platforms.

FREMONT, CA: In today’s fast-paced world, the traditional parent-teacher meeting yield not as many attendees as seen in the past. So, many school administrations are powering up to identify the advantages of technology to bridge the gap between educational institutes and parents.

Below are few means by which digital tools can aid the progress of parent engagement that, in turn, lead to improvements in student performance.

1.  Addressing Everyday Matters

With technology, a check on regular events, exhibitions, and fundraisers becomes easy and makes communication an effortless process. Today, several online applications have been launched to make this possible and let parents stay in the loop of occurrences at school. 

2.  Staying Connected Through Video Calls

Parents no longer have to worry about not making it to their kid’s school—the task becomes more straightforward with video conferencing. Digital tools offer a feature that creates an opportunity for the parents to participate in class affairs actively. 

3.  Social Media to the Rescue

Social Media has taken over all the other means of communications. With websites, newsletters, emails, and group message option available on numerous digital platforms, parents no more have to feel neglected and can be kept well-informed.

4.  Making Use of the Cloud:

Creating a database about a student’s work, academic information, scholarship, and other details that can be stored in the cloud. The students or parents can further access this at any place and time.

5.  Implementing Data Tools to Demonstrate Student’s Growth

Parents want to know more about classroom happenings. The usage of modern-day data tools is a secure method to let them keep a tab of where their child is excelling and needs progress.

Most of the above tips have been implemented by the organizations, but the list can still be a reminder for the institutes to stay ordered.

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