Keeping the Administration's Cybersecurity in Check

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, July 04, 2019

Channel in the best security measures to help users and administration alike to keep away from cyber threats.

FREMONT, CA: As soon as a new semester commences in schools, faculty and students resolve into their regular tasks. It is necessary to keep a check and revive the cybersecurity of the organization. In light of this, October has been designated as the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Here are a few good practices to start with for a safe and secure online network:

Practice Necessary Cyber Hygiene

Copious school credentials are already on the part of WWW’s dark web, which makes it vital to maintain the login data protected from the hackers. A simple way to track this is by using secured passwords. Adding to the list of best practices are bringing into play the different combinations of characters, not reusing the passwords provided by the university, making sure to use long codewords is permitted, changing keys whenever they are under threat and not sharing them.

In accord with the above methods, the best ways to incorporate security measures are thumbprint recognition and multifactor authentication wherever possible. Another essential outlook to put into practice is to become familiarized with how phishing works because the present day phishers are one step ahead of people. With a continuous circulation of fraud emails, it is imperative for the administrations to alert the consumers on the current scams and educate them on how to recognize distrustful mails that float in the inbox.

Introduce Fine Safety Customs

Strengthen good habits and keep them up at home and workplace along with the devices to diminish the line between the two as this tactic helps users be responsible for their security.  Besides, another strategy is to encourage students and faculty to use virtual private network (VPN), a platform that allows them to work from anywhere while keeping the connection secure. The IT staff is responsible to keep a check on the VPNs so that it is easy to exercise.

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