Key AI Opportunities in the Education Sector

Education Technology Insights | Saturday, December 26, 2020

The academic world is continually evolving, and new technologies like AI offers countless opportunities for educators and students alike.

FREMONT, CA: The applications of AI in the academic sector are astounding.  AI makes education more accessible because students can use their smart devices instead of attending classes. Besides, AI provides countless opportunities for automation and personalization. Due to automation, educational centers can save a lot of time instead of performing various repetitive tasks. AI enables educators to develop personal approaches, taking into account each student's learning style. Here are some of the main advantages of AI in education.

• Automation

AI is capable of automating administrative tasks that take a lot of time when they are run manually. Educators need to spend too much time assessing homework, grading exams, and performing other tasks.  Major advances in automation enable teachers to spend more time with their students. Developers are also creating new AI-driven offerings capable of grading students’ written answers. Another sector that can benefit from AI is the admissions board. AI can automate numerous processes, including paperwork, enhancing 

overall efficiency.

• Collaboration

As AI continues to evolve, educators expect AI to help in teaching, allowing teachers and schools to do a lot more. AI can streamline various administrative tasks and increase efficiency, but it also produces many opportunities for personalization. The collaboration between AI and teachers will allow the latter to focus on tasks that need adaptability and deep understanding. Besides, it is important to keep in mind that AI is becoming an integral part of lives, so exposing students to this technology and teaching them to leverage it also becomes necessary.

• Personalization

AI lets teachers offer a personalized learning experience. AI can customize exams and in-class assignments, assisting students in getting the best academic assistance possible. The success of teaching, to a large extent, depends on effective feedback. AI-based learning systems enable students to get quick feedback, while teachers can utilize AI-driven software to offer personalized responses.

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