Keys to a Perfect Academic LMS

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The corporate sector has already tapped into the importance of Learning Management Systems (LMS) in online training. But the benefits of LMS in higher education are immense. They have not yet been tapped and it is high time that educational institutions look into these features offered by an academic LMS that would aid education.

A good LMS should have robust reporting and analytics. This helps the trainer track all elements of a course and ensure that learning goals have been met. It also provides the trainer the added advantage of making necessary changes to the schedule, if necessary.

Most LMS have a built-in assessment creator that records the students’ previous results. The trainer can check on this information and then can implement training methods that would enhance the teaching process.

Another key to a good academic LMS is the capability of personalization and customization. LMS should enable customization of every aspect of the User Interface and layout. This helps institutions in putting all of their educational content online, along with their brand image, for a comprehensive learning experience.

Most institutions follow a blended approach wherein they make use of both face-to-face learning and the use of technology. Therefore, LMS should be able to provide a wide range of delivery formats and methods. Social learning integration is a major feature provided by LMS. It endorses peer-based knowledge wherein academic learners can share their e-learning experience and materials with co-learners.

These features of LMS make it the next big thing in the learning process. It is up to the institutions to choose their LMS software, but these are the key factors to look for when choosing your LMS software.

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