Latest Online Platform Supports Learners Work-Life Balance

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, April 01, 2021

Animawarriors rolls out the new online platform to provide a new approach to 3d animation education.

FREMONT, CA: Animawarriors announces that they will be launching a new online platform to offer learners a new approach to 3d animation education. The platform is used for anyone, anywhere globally, who needs to learn or enhance their creativity and skills in 3d animation arts in a balanced, learner-focused way.

Learners will work with industry professionals – like Annie Award nominee Andres Bedate, Jorge Vigara, and Scot Write - passionate about and expertise in mentoring and sharing knowledge. Animawarriors' teaching philosophy understands the requirement to balance the individual, their creativity, and their professional career. Animawarriors is trying to create a high-quality e-learning user experience that is accessible, flexible to everyone with an extensive range of teaching formats. Animawarriors' online platform focuses on developing a healthier culture for both professional and personal artists across the creative landscape to support ideas thrive.

Animawarriors is not the average 3d Animation School. The company sees Animation Arts as a playground for self-expression and unique artistry, and learners can create their path. The company just gives them the resources. Animawarriors is an online animation platform that offers students a variety of animation industry courses and feedback to enhance their skills and explore their creativity in a balanced method. To date, the firm has kick-started the journey for more than 500 students.

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