Legal Education Webinar Series: Guidance from Industry Experts

Legal Education Webinar Series: Guidance from Industry Experts

By Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, April 03, 2019

In January 2019, Wolters Kluwer Legal announced the registration for the Leading Edge Webinar Series on legal education. The webinar will comprise of experts and innovators in the field sharing their perspective. The series is expected to cover a wide array of timely topics impacting law schools and students today, bridging of access to success, technology, and innovation in law school syllabus, and best practices in online education. The conference was launched in 2014 as a trail, but Leading Edge turned out to be a highly regarded gathering for the legal education community.  The conference is attended by more than half of the leading law schools in the U.S. The Leading Edge webinar is the latest addition to the Wolters Kluwer’s Annual Leading Edge Conference; it is an invite-based gathering where only the group of country’s top legal education leaders will gather to discuss issues faced by the legal education system. Usually, the attendees brainstorm to come up with actionable strategies.

In 2018, a prize was announced by Wolters Kluwer for teams that showcase a path for improving outcomes and educational opportunities for law students and associates. The winning team must brief their projects and display their plans to implement them. The first seminar will be about improvising student outcomes and bridging the access to justice gap, a discussion that will take place with the winners of the 2018 conference. A second webinar will be conducted on “Online Law School Courses: What Works?” the seminar will focus on identifying the difference between the processes of developing online and traditional courses. Furthermore, the topic will be addressed on how advantages can be taken of the technology. The seminar aims to clear the misconceptions about online courses and methods to make online courses more interactive and dynamic. Pitfalls will be, and precautionary measures will also be discussed. 

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