LEGO Education Declares Resources and Lesson Plans to Support Hands-on Learning in the New School Year

Education Technology Insights | Monday, August 31, 2020

Today, LEGO® Education unveiled new resources and lesson plans to ensure playful, hands-on STEAM learning experiences can easily be adapted to wherever learning happens. 

FREMONT, CA: For 40 years, LEGO Education solutions have been purposefully designed to increase student engagement and confidence for all learners. With these free online resources, teachers and parents can continue STEAM learning in a hands-on way, whether in person, online or a mix of both.

Esben Stærk, president of LEGO Education, said that it’s more important than ever to continue learning through play – wherever the learning happens. LEGO Education solutions provide playful learning experiences that teach not only essential STEAM skills, but also social and emotional skills that together help build the confidence and resilience needed among students, teachers, and parents to rebuild and thrive this school year – and for years to come.

New science and math lessons incorporate both physical activity and hybrid learning

LEGO Education is launching a brand-new unit, called Training Trackers, to teach core science and math concepts with its middle school solution, LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime. With personally relevant and engaging lessons, the new unit will support in-person, virtual, and hybrid learning, focusing on core subjects to complete the robust STEAM curriculum designed for SPIKE Prime.

Featuring seven lessons, the unit is focused on physical science and data – complete with new coding blocks to collect better and visualize sensor data. Taking hands-on learning a step further, students will learn about kinetic energy, speed, potential energy, and more as they stretch, walk, and squat jump to collect data in real-time and then analyze and interpret it. To support hybrid learning, each lesson plan identifies which of the five learning stages can be completed asynchronously or in person.

STEAM learning goes virtual

Teachers can adapt any LEGO Education lesson to virtual learning with the help of new guides, which include tips on preparing for online learning, engaging online learners, and managing materials at home. Since every lesson incorporates hands-on learning and collaboration, students get needed sensory breaks and develop social and emotional skills even during virtual learning.

Also, LEGO Education teamed up with popular coding and robotics platform CoderZ to feature a virtual SPIKE Prime experience, allowing students to practice their coding and STEAM skills in an entirely online setting. The online experience can complement hands-on building activities with a physical SPIKE Prime Set, either before or in parallel.

Building a community of educators

Launched this summer, the LEGO Education Community is an online platform that brings together passionate educators and technologists from around the world who believe play and exploration build successful, lifelong learners. Educators and parents are encouraged to inspire, support, and learn from one another while connecting with their peers. The community features active discussions, a lesson plan exchange, community events and challenges, exclusive updates from LEGO Education, and more.

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