Lingokids Raises $10 Million to Optimize Education

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Lingokids has secured funds in its latest round of funding.

FREMONT, CA: A digital education company, Lingokids, has raised $10 Million as funds in its new round of funding. This round of funding was led by an international toy company and games publisher and specialist in educational kids games, Ravensburger Group. Lingokids aims to equalize and rationalize the arena of early learning. Ravensburger Group has invested in Lingokids to bolster its digital investment strategy. Lingokids would use the raised funds to widen the scope of its offering by enhancing its proprietary product and alleviate the hazards of the novel COVID virus.

The investment by Ravensburger Group would help Lingokidsin developing and adding more innovative features and content and make a comprehensive curriculum that suits the modern generation of the children. The new set of activities that the company wants to introduce would majorly focus on strengthening the STEM skills such as creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, literacy in the young learning minds. With the raised funds, Lingokids seeks to broaden its market into Mexico and Brazil while celebrating its success in the U.S. market in the present times.

Lingokids is a digital education technology company that has been revolutionizing the field of early learning with its playlearning™ app, which is designed and developed for children between 2 and 8 years of age. The company works on the line of the mission to help parents educate their children, along with allowing them to play to their heart’s content. The playlearning™ appalso helps the parents break down the barriers or siloes of education and create interesting and exciting opportunities for children.

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