LMS, The One-stop Tool for Education

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, July 12, 2018

Though the classical chalk and board teaching methodologies continue to be practiced across a majority of schools and colleges, Learning Management Systems (LMS) surely get the spotlight when educational technology (EdTech) is discussed. Ken Dirkin, one among the leading educational IT innovators, says that LMS provides an opportunity for the teachers to practice lesson in the student environment. It personalizes the experience of users, with the scope of exploring beyond the educational syllabus to cover more ground. By drifting away from the ‘one size fits all’ model, LMS offers educationalists a platform to assess students individually and tailor their techniques to achieve better results.


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When considering state assessments and competitive exams, LMS allow educators to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of students. By creating continuous assessment programs, which students can refer time and again to improve their scores, LMS blends into the academic curriculum. These systems use cloud as an orchestration tool to facilitate multiple devices such as tablets and personal computers, synchronized with the school’s LMS server. All a student needs to do is log in with the preconfigured ID and password to obtain the necessary resource material at his or her fingertips.  Such a setup enables students to stay up to date with classes, all the while structuring the course outcomes for consistent score improvements. Various solution providers conduct mock exams along with their course curriculum to prepare students for the final assessments. All-in-all, LMS serves as a one-stop tool for both educators and students to attain maximum value from the curriculum.

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