Making Families Learning Partners to Students

Education Technology Insights | Friday, July 19, 2019

It is essential for educators to turn families into children's learning partners to teach them the use of digital tools.

FREMONT, CA: An African proverb goes, “it takes a village to raise a child”, meaning the entire community should interact with children to let them grow in healthy and safe surroundings. Similar is the case with education, where it is proven that most organization’s success comes when students receive their parent’s support. However, the task is not easy because most of the parents do not know how to use digital tools or technology that their children use.

For families to engage as learning partners with their children, it is crucial for educators to teach them how to make use of digital tools.

Educate Guardians How to Use Digital Tools

Teachers need to start with where the families stand when it comes to using digital tools. For instance, educators should know what type of devices the kin use and for the unfamiliar ones, it is essential to hold training sessions. The librarian at the school can organize a parent’s meeting to teach guardians about the tools their children use in the classroom.

Explain the Importance of Digital Citizenship and Literacy

It is essential to include families in understanding what should their students do with the devices to tutor students on how to be digital citizens. Also, it is vital to give details on the digital skills required to succeed in the digital world along with making them aware of the safety concerns and issues about pupil’s digital behavior.

Share Student’s Social Media Activity

Schools need to consider embracing social media in classrooms because many parents are using the platform, so it becomes an easy way to engage families. Teachers can share videos and pictures of class activities as per there occurrence. It is also necessary that educators take permission from the administrators before choosing social media as an interaction medium with parents.

Provide Proposals for Educational Tools and Apps

Parents are often unaware of the digital tools incorporated in school so an app that informs them of the implementation can be helpful. If teachers know of any device that benefits a specific student, then the information should be communicated to their families.

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