Making Students Learn Digital Literacy Skills

Education Technology Insights | Friday, July 12, 2019

From the time children come in contact with a computer device, it becomes essential that they know the necessary skills of digital literacy.

FREMONT, CA: With the growing use of technology among students, it is essential that they made of the digital literacy skills that are needed for their success until they reach their high school. Additionally, it is crucial that students are ready with the digital literacy abilities before high school so that they can write advanced essays, conducts internet research, present ideas, engage in data collection, and conclude. So, it becomes vital that literacy skills are embedded among children through their kindergarten in the form of curriculum and instruction.

Below are some essential digital literacy skills that all the students should know about:

Online Safety

The need for digital literacy and citizenship, along with online safety, starts immediately when the students begin using computing devices. It is vital to prepare students to understand the need for online security to make them more responsible and stay conscious about the impact technology is creating. Also, preparing a safe and conscience set of users to research school and college.

Keyboard and Computer Basics

The idea behind computer fundamentals and knowing the keyboard functions is to make students well-informed and develop a safe use environment. Starting early helps pupils to learn, understand, and distinguish between different computer systems, and their hardware and software, in addition to recognizing the responsibilities and ethical issues associated with the use of computers and the software.

Technology Platforms

Technology applications help children to organize their thoughts, especially in collecting data for analysis and in enabling collaboration with others. The applications include essentials like presentations, word processing, personal achieves cloud software and spreadsheets.


With coding, students are introduced to the universal language of the computers and also opens them to the field of algorithms. Students should be aware of the basics of coding to get a sense of what to do and what not to do when a screen with code appears suddenly on their screens.

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