Master's Degree in Big Data Launched by Renowned University

Education Technology Insights | Monday, April 08, 2019

Data has begun to play a crucial role in enterprises. The big data technologies and programs are rising to analyze this data and provide insights that will help in making strategic decisions. Big data analytics is flourishing due to the fact that consumers are the priority of the companies in Business-to-Consumer applications. Noticing the growth and scope of big data, the University of Macau (UM) is expected to launch a new master’s degree in Data Science program in the 2019/2020 academic year to create a new type of professionals in big data processing and applications. The new programme will address various topics including marketing, artificial intelligence, precision medicine, financial technology, and intelligent education, with the intent to promote the use of big data in multiple disciplines and the integration of data science and big data application.

Big data will allow a user to gather valuable information quickly from various types of data. Due to its rapid development and its potential for application, there is a rise in demand for professionals in big data and data analytics worldwide. The new course will provide comprehensive training in data processing and programming for students.  The students will be taught how to apply their tools and knowledge to decipher and process big data. The programme will deepen research in big data and nurture big data professionals who can meet the requirements of Macao and commit to the growth of several areas from around the world with contemporary technologies. The course duration is two years, and it is apt for students from a different academic background.

The programme is a collaborative project among UM’s six faculties, providing the students with a choice of seven specializations. The students will be allowed to select any one specialization to learn the specific application of big data effectively. In Macao, the new programme has received support from various professionals. The course serves as an additional option for students considering postgraduate studies. The registration process is in progress; soon, the course will be officially launched after being published in the Official Gazette of the Macao SAR.

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