Math: No More a Trouble-Maker!

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The new additions of measures in math can help teachers to enhance their progress monitoring as well as connect students with hands-on, inquiry-based, standards-aligned resources to speed up learning.

FREMONT, CA: Accelerate Learning recently announced its partnership with MetaMetrics, the creator of Quantile Framework for Mathematics. The collaboration aims to integrate benchmark assessments and Quantile measures into the new STEMscopes Math, an online, inclusive math curriculum that was launched in Texas this month. The assessments can help teachers to predict whether students are prepared to pass the state assessment exam or not. If they find fewer chances of students passing the exam, they find further instruction that needs to be addressed to bridge the gap.

STEMscopes Math is created from the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) by utilizing the 5E plus Intervention and Acceleration lesson model. Students from grade 3 to 5 can avail the core mathematics program, available in English and Spanish. In the future, there might be releases extending to grades kindergarten to 8, including Common Core and custom state versions.

STEMscopes Math is intended to deepen the student learning as compared to the mainstream math programs, which relies on memorization and practice sheets. The platform makes math meaningful and relevant by lending a hand to students so that they develop and apply their understanding of the concepts in problem-solving. Teachers can have significant, actionable data to customize math learning and focus instruction with integrated assessments and Quantile measures from MetaMetrics. Furthermore, the connection between the Quantile and the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) mathematics scale can make it easier to build milestones and goals for student achievement. Apart from that, they ensure that every student receives what they require to be academically successful.

MetaMetrics, the new partner tends to provide the benchmark assessments for each grade level of STEMscopes Math. Students can receive a Quantile measure from the assessments that can be administered in the initial, middle, and end of the year in school. The platform can help teachers to identify the gaps and distinguish instruction to drive growth all through the year and on the STAAR, by knowing the math capability and progress of each student. Teachers can use the Quantile measures that are linked to specific math concepts to help in discovering gaps in learning and determining the upcoming course of the student.

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