Maximizing Academic Performance with Social Media

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, October 25, 2018

In order to achieve academic excellence, accessing social networks is a necessity nowadays. A project named Ongea, to empower students, school teachers, and artists to address the issue of the right to information has reached out to five million students including twenty secondary schools. The program targets 15-24-year-olds from various private and public schools. Promoting human rights and creating awareness among the youth is the primary goal of this project. Students from parts of Ilala, Kingamboni, Temeke, Kinondoni, and Ubongo have participated in debates on issues such as the importance of social media and human rights. Students must be provided with access to social network pages such as Shuledirect, Suma App and myelimu to get different learning materials.

Social media is a crucial tool when it comes to information on learning materials. Most of the times, libraries don’t contain books on particular topics or might even provide half the information. In such scenarios, online portals act as an alternative source of educative materials. School-going children are being taught to learn beneficial information from social media to improve their performance. Compared to traditional methods, learning from social networks has proved to be more retainable. To enhance the quality of learning and diversify ways of grasping information, integrating technology into a students’ life is essential. If taught how to use in the right direction, social media can help structure a sophisticated academic model.

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