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Education Technology Insights | Monday, July 29, 2019

Curriculum Associates improves its i-Ready lineup by introducing a Spanish version of the mathematic diagnostics along with enhancing other functionalities.

FREMONT, CA: Curriculum Associates, an education company, continues to augment its i-Ready platform, an integrated blended learning program to further help teachers, students, and administrators.

The improved platform has made the mathematic diagnostic available in Spanish. Furthermore, the tool also engages in new student experiences, supports middle school students, provides enhanced accessibility features, and robust historical reporting. Today, nationwide, more than 7 million users use the award-winning program to advance student outcomes and skills.

For grade K-8, the lineup will have new learning lessons and an age-appropriate student dashboard. The improvements also help students to take ownership of their teachings and motivate them as they move up higher through i-Ready learning.

The program is releasing 100 new lessons for student engagements to assist middle school students. The lessons include 60 new reading comprehension sessions for grades 6-8, 40 new online mathematics lessons for grade 6-7 covering algebra, numbers, and operations.

For teachers, the i-Ready program includes guidance tools and resources built for particular challenges of the middle school classroom. The application moreover provides class and school-wide activities that appeal to students and reflect teen insights into the learning process.

Additionally, a Spanish-language version of the i-Ready diagnostic for mathematics will be available, so that it helps Spanish-speaking English learners to take the assessment in their native language. Besides, educators will have access to historical reporting and more analytical information. The enablement marks the completion of a full set of reports for school and district-level reporting.

Students across the entire grade levels will benefit from the better accessibility features on the diagnostic, which will encourage pupils with auditory, visual, and physical impairments. Features like keyboard navigation, compatibility with screen readers, and closed captioning for pre-recorded media helps pupils with impairments. The lessons are the first phase of a multiyear initiative offering a completely new digital instruction and practice for students in middle school grades.

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