memoryOS Brings Kickstarter's Most Funded App in History

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The more memoryOS develops, the more affordable the product becomes for young learners worldwide. This is a critical objective - to make memoryOS available to everyone.

FREMONT, CA: memoryOS, a US educational technology startup co-founded by the two-time World Memory Champion, raises over $615,000 on Kickstarter, exceeding their initial goal 35 times in the first week.

memoryOS integrates interactive micro-lessons with an immersive 3D game to teach users how to transfer their memorization skills to virtual Memory Palaces. Since Ancient Greece, memory masters have demonstrated the effectiveness of the Mind Palace technique, which is also shown by the protagonist of the BBC television series "Sherlock."

“We have combined proven memory techniques with the latest advances in e-learning and an immersive 3D game to create the most enjoyable and effective tool for learning memorization skills and keeping your brain alive,” states in the Kickstarter description.

memoryOS is an edtech startup developing an innovative gamified e-learning app to help people improve their memory significantly. The app's e-learning component's bite-sized lessons are compiled and taught by Jonas von Essen, the app's two-time World Memory Champion. The same app's patent-pending game component provides the user with pre-created virtual environments (i.e., Mind Palaces) for encoding and storing necessary information in long-term memory.

Jonas von Essen, the co-founder of memoryOS, memorizes the first 100,000 digits of Pi and demonstrated how a person with average memory can "rewire" their brain and transform it into a "memory machine." Jonas is well-known at this point for his accomplishments, which include winning a rare golden buzzer at Sweden Got Talent, defeating the Chinese national team twice in a row at the Super Brain TV Show, and winning the “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” and “The Wall” Quiz TV Shows earlier this year. Additionally, Jonas was profiled by the BBC, The New York Times, The Independent, The Telegraph, and The Times.

"What is terrific about these memorization skills is that anyone can learn them, at least to a substantial degree. Without the need of having any sort of mythical photographic memory." says Jonas von Essen, Memory Grandmaster and Co-founder of memoryOS.

That is why, in collaboration with the memoryOS team, Jonas is devoted to helping the world remember by making mind-altering memory software accessible to people worldwide.

It is becoming more than a mobile application. This ongoing mission established a friendly relationship with The Stephen Hawking Foundation. It enables them to begin the highly exclusive process of integrating OpenAI's GTP-3 and Dall-E into their learning platform to assist in the creation of high-value text and image content for lessons, exercises, and practical use.

“Thanks so much for letting me know at an early stage about your App. The uptake on pledges is amazing and just proves what I have believed all along: that the marriage of memory techniques and software is the future of learning.” says Dominic O’Brien, Eight-time World Memory Champion and Best-Selling author of 13 books on memory.

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