Methods to Advance Data Privacy in Schools

Education Technology Insights | Monday, July 22, 2019

With the arrival of new data privacy laws and the rise of classroom technology, it is crucial for education leaders to protect essential information.

FREMONT, CA: The utilization of EdTech, coupled with the increase in the number of states passing the data privacy law, has left many tech leaders and district administrators with a daunting question of staff and student information protection.

It is hard to settle on a reliable source of information on protecting sensitive data, keeping devices safe, and ensuring compliance with appropriate laws. In most cases, the conversation on dependable sources occurs after the deployment of technology. So, many education leaders are worried about what the new regulations mean for each of their districts.

Below are a few steps to handle the existing state of affairs of the data privacy in organizations and to build a data governance strategy.

Assess Technology Planning

Free security evaluation is the primary step to determine whether any unsafe conditions exist in the organizations. An expert can work with the administration to guide the occurrences, inspect the district’s data security status quo, and identify the weak points. It is crucial to have clear parameters and designations to govern the devices in use, people who can access the data along with what data should be collected and shared. The assessment helps in providing the framework so that IT leaders start discussing the issues in their districts.

Develop a Data Privacy Strategy

Schools must employ a plan to continually assess the organization’s data privacy needs and review it to make sure that it is up to date. It is vital for the school members to know the basics about how the institutes collect, share, and store the data. Additionally, proactive steps like limiting the bandwidth access and ensuring the devices are accurately segmented and patched to secure the technologies will also help.

Teach Students and Educators to be Responsible Data Protectors

Much exposure to data privacy is user-based, and consequently, educators and students should be taught the strategies to safeguard their data. Data privacy is a collective effort, so it is necessary that the best practices for sharing information, downloading software are to be understood by the teachers and pupils. Accordingly, proper planning, strategy, and education will help school members to be better data protectors and prevent any security incident from taking place.

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