M-Learning, the New Wave in the Future of Work

By Education Technology Insights | Friday, April 19, 2019

Mobile LearningMobile learning is education through the Internet using mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones to obtain learning materials through mobile apps, social interactions, and online educational hubs. It provides educational institutions a way to deliver knowledge to students on any platform. Mobile learning includes a variety of mobile educational experiences that is impossible with traditional settings. With the evolution of broadband cellular network technology, mobile phones are capable of streaming high-quality videos directly to mobile devices. One of the most significant aspects of mobile learning is anywhere access to content and a self-directed pace for instruction. In this platform, learners can access content wherever and whenever they want, instead of being restricted by location, hardware, and timeframe.

Primary Forms within the Mobile Learning Framework

Individual Mobile Learning: It includes those activities that do not require interaction with any other instructor and consists of audio books, learning apps for languages and other solitary activities.

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Peer-to-peer Mobile Learning: This form utilizes others’ insights and knowledge to enhance the learning experience. It allows students to watch lectures and take quizzes at their own pace and encourages student-to-student and student-to-instructor interaction in chatrooms and forums.

Group Sharing Mobile Learning: It is a way for learners to collaborate on activities and materials with a large group of people and allows the student to benefit from the knowledge of peers.

Driving Business Results with Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is a rapidly growing area for training and development departments in firms of all industries, and it provides companies the opportunity to reach and engage employees in new ways. Mobile learning initiatives bring higher learning engagement. M Learning offers an ideal solution for this work shifting movement, especially for industries that must meet with constant changes, by making it easy to disseminate learning materials to employees. It can be applied to everything from product training, sales, marketing, IT, and organizational compliance training. Online communities and social media aspects in mobile learning platform are a great way to keep employees interested and engaged.  

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