Much-Needed AI Methods That CIOs Need to Adopt

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, August 28, 2019

AI is enduring a shift from sheer technical assistance to cybersecurity expert by helping company CIOs in detecting as well as protecting their data from threats.

FREMONT, CA: The landscape of cyberattacks has drastically escalated with more and more encounters taking place in recent times. The cybersecurity scenario is now experiencing higher IoT attackers that are seen entering the space to acquire customer-related data mainly to take advantage of them. The process takes place either in the distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) form or in a type of machine to machine (M2M) traffic for companies attempting to switch to IP supported infrastructure. 

In the present time, it is a crucial responsibility of modern CIO to lessen the company’s expanding cybersecurity issue. It is the CIO who should act immediately on securing the data and ensuring that everything stays under the radar.

Role of AI in Cybersecurity:

CIOs have leveraged AI to identify unpredicted attacks in cyberspace, including numerous web platforms and official websites. It is not new that hackers make use of various channels to initiate cyberattacks and then demand hefty ransom in exchange for data. In such cases, AI helps the sites, which are desperately in need of security to protect their valuable data. Moreover, it is extremely tough for hackers to barge into any network that is backed by AI’s security. The protection provided by AI can instantly detect any unauthorized activities immediately and take effective actions to eliminate it from the channel. The big success stories of AI-driven websites have inspired other sites to adopt the technology as their primary security method to ensure seamless learning processes.

How AI Eliminates Cyberattacks:

By identifying a security threat, CIOs cannot protect their entire website or virtual platform from the new generation hackers. At this stage, AI plays an essential role in preventing every channel that can be a potential medium for a cyberattack and takes immediate action against the threat. It can mimic the mind of the hacker and foresee the possible risks it can impose on the platform. Furthermore, AI also cracks the security code of the hacker and turns the tables.

AI and Cybersecurity:                                                                                       

In the virtual world, hackers leverage multiple techniques to enter their targeted online platform, and they start with identifying a weaker spot to hit. Once they fix their eyes on the targeted place, hacking into the system becomes easier for them. In such cases, AI shields every channel as well as the potential weak spots that can lead to a cyberattack. There is various AI-based software, which can help in keeping away the cyber attackers from the virtual world of learning.

Why Choose AI Over the Traditional Security System:

The traditional security methods rely upon specific antivirus software or firewall to identify threats. Not just that, it also uses the same techniques to protect the system from cyberattacks. It becomes the responsibility of the person-in-charge of updating the system software to expect adequate protection. If the software is not updated on time, the security system is as good as providing no defense at all.

On the contrary, AI is built on individual target intelligence that aims to verify every possible security threat as well as prevent the system from attacks. Additionally, it can also go beyond the boundaries of human knowledge by keeping a keen eye on the possibilities of any sudden security breach round-the-clock. Since AI leverages ML during the process, it becomes difficult for the hacker to gain access to the server and acquire valuable data of the company.

AI for Large-Scale Security:

Hackers usually do not target the platforms, which have less traffic and minimal interconnected systems. They aim for the platforms that get massive traffic and have multiple interconnected systems with a centralized network to carry out cyberattacks. It can put the platform under severe risk if the authorities do not take necessary security measures to protect their high-profile websites and data. CIOs of companies should consider utilizing AI to deal with the safety of their information that exists in bulk as well as secure it from any loss. The traditional methods of security cannot differentiate between a hacker and a visitor on the learning website, leading to numerous confusions, so companies need to switch to AI for better results.

AI Reduces Human Involvement:

AI reduces human interference as it can affect the involvement of the technology and smoothly conducting the processes. Human working can include specific errors at times and unavoidable holidays, but AI can dedicatedly work for days and nights without any distractions.

It is built and supported by ML and can knock out any cybersecurity breach and take necessary actions in real-time. The increasing role of AI is now prominent in the modern environment where the world of IT equally makes human life more comfortable.

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