Must-Know Classroom Technology Trends

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, June 18, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Education technology or “EdTech” is growing exponentially to reach out to as many customers as possible. Learners, teachers, and education systems as a whole are vying hard to keeping pace with it, as the learning systems have been conventional for a long time. High functioning approaches in the education technology sector is going to provide learners and teachers with a new and enhanced way of interacting during the learning process. Six new approaches to education are:

1. Custom Learning Experiences:

The earlier education system could never make space for custom learning experiences because of its limitations. Modern technology in education can initiate custom learning and teaching methodologies and experiences in present-day educational infrastructure. With the introduction of modern gadgets and interfaces, one can commence learning based on their need, availability, and preference.

2. Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing has unlocked the door for advancements in education. The anytime-anywhere accessibility of knowledge stored in isolated cloud servers has made it possible to access educational materials with any device and from anyplace. Besides the simplicity of access and association, cloud-based education applications have solved the problem of storing data as well.

3. Speech-To-Text Options:

A majority of devices and application platforms are now coming with virtual assistants. Smart assistants answering commands have made things even easier for learning. Moreover, their speech-to-text attribute makes note taking and writing even more fast-paced.

4. Augmented and Virtual Learning Experiences:

AR and VR have come as s big boost up to online education. Learners can obtain an immersive learning experience without the need to travel far. Similarly, real-time broadcast of vital surgeries allows medical students to learn through a more rapt experience.

5. 3D Printing:

3D printing, also known as prototyping, will enable students to understand with a more physical and tangible experience. In any institute, 3D printers will help students to give shape to their creative ideas and have more hands-on experiences.

6. Learning Analytics:

The huge quantity of educational information has given birth to learning analytics. In the near future, learning analytics will be warning scholars about project deadlines and their progress. Learning analytics will advance learner participation in education more than anything else.

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