NetSupport'sclassroom.cloudGets New Classroom Management and Security Features

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Tina Rosen, Education Tech Insights

Utilizing, whether students are learning online or in the classroom, teachers can manage USB drives and volume settings and do more to keep students safe and on track.

FREMONT, CA: In education, cloud computing benefits students, teachers, and administrators equally. Cloud computing enables students to access assignments from any location with an internet connection, teachers to submit instructional materials instantaneously, , and administrators to cooperate effortlessly and save money on data storage. New safety and control capabilities have been added to, a cloud-based classroom management application developed by NetSupport, a company that creates a network and cloud-based technology for K-12 schools. To aid teachers in keeping pupils on task while learning online, a was established during the global epidemic. It has proven equally helpful while students are in the classroom. Even if students are learning remotely or in the classroom, teachers can monitor their computers' programs and internet activity with

Al Kingsley, CEO of NetSupport, is a published author, host of a podcast, and a sought-after lecturer on the subject of safe and secure technology use in education. According to Kingsley, the epidemic sped the development of the new features.“For 30 years, NetSupport has been the teacher’s partner in classroom management tools and over that time period, their needs have constantly evolved,” states Kinglsey. “When COVID struck and teachers needed a cloud-based classroom management tool, we accelerated development of and now we’ve added even more features to keep pace with their needs. is a reliable and powerful classroom management platform giving teachers an improved ability to keep students safe and better engaged in the classrooms of today.”

Teachers may now manage sound and USB devices and access extra safety monitoring tools and time-saving typing shortcuts with this upgrade. Since the epidemic has revolutionized how and where school occurs, teachers must meet these additional device restrictions to ensure students' safety, whether in a physical classroom or an out-of-classroom location, in what is effectively a new paradigm in K-12 education.

“Teachers need a simple interface to a powerful product that gets the job done. Having the option of or NetSupport School gives districts the ultimate flexibility they need to keep students safe and keep them on task while also protecting the district’s infrastructure and hardware,” adds Kingsley.

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