New insights from data analytics showcase student educational outcomes

Tina Rosen, Education Technology Insights | Sunday, July 10, 2022

The application of advanced analytics and machine learning have enabled identifying factors that play a critical role in student achievement.

FREMONT, CA: The need for a well-educated population is both economic and social. However, improving educational results has proven to be elusive. Though several states and countries have attained significant progress, others are still struggling and educators are in a dilemma as to what all counts. The application of advanced analytics and machine learning have recognized the factors that play a crucial role in student achievement.

A study on the topics of mindsets and teaching practices showcased the following results.

Having the right mindset mattered much more than the socio-economic background. The outlook and mentalities of the students are twice as predictive as their home environment and demographics. For students in low-performing schools, the majority of these mindsets made a significant difference and also having a well-calibrated motivation is similar to vaulting into a higher socioeconomic status for students in schools with lower outcomes.

Yet another finding projected as to how students who received a blend of teacher-directed and inquiry-based instructions gave the best results. The PISA data were evaluated to determine the relative impact of these practices. It was observed that when teachers took the lead, it explicit a lower score for more inquiry-based learning. However, when two practices are clubbed, there is something similar to the universal learning style. There is a significant gain in developed educational systems with good PISA overall performance. The effect is substantially smaller in developing school systems with lower performance, and these systems may be better suited focusing on consistent, high-quality teacher-directed education at first.

Upon the observations, it is concluded that students fully benefit from inquiry-based learning only when students have mastered enough content, usually through teacher-led classes. Even a broad study like the PISA evaluation can only reveal some of the answers. Nonetheless, the findings provide useful insights to help policymakers to improve education.

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