New Play Back Capabilities Merits Unique Video Platform for Online Learning

Education Technology Insights | Friday, August 02, 2019

Video has emerged to become a vital part of the modern learning experience, and institutions should consider the use cases for this technology as they make their investments.  

FREMONT, CA: Realizing the expanding role of video in higher education, Panopto takes a distinct approach by developing a unique video player optimized for online learning. The company has launched new playback capabilities for mobile devices. The new HTML5-based video player is optimized for interactivity and active learning. It enables viewers to see the instructor and their content simultaneously and select multiple camera angles at any time during playback. With the built-in table of contents and thumbnails simplifying navigation, the platform has quizzing and live web page interaction options that help to improve knowledge retention and enhance the interactive experience.   

It is pretty amazing to witness how things radically change when fueled by a combination of business need and readily available technology. To sight an instance, before some years, the video was a novelty in the classroom. But today, it has become so prevalent in the classroom that has a wide-scale adoption. With the adoption, faculties gain new opportunities to more effectively use existing materials and available class time. Besides, learners report that video lectures helped them to improve grades, and made their institution more competitive.

The player sets a new level for an interactive video on smartphones, tablets,  and other web pages. For viewers, the unique no-compromises video learning experience on mobile devices and for educational institutions, it stands to increase video engagement, ultimately leading to a higher return.

Along with leading video content management system, Panopto also offers tools for tailoring online presentations, lecture capture, webcasting live events, online training, and more. Presently, Panopto’s video platform is the extensive repository of expert learning videos, receiving recognition for its innovation, growth, and company culture.

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