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Education Technology Insights | Monday, February 04, 2019

IMSI reconstituted its directors with leading experts in support of the IMS ManuVation and the World Manufacturing Forum programs. The notable members of the Board of Directors are experienced in advanced technologies, business development, education, and finance. The members have been chosen to lead the IMSI’s programming to enhance integration of advanced technologies by small to medium-sized firms and to develop skilled people to remain competitive domestically and internationally.

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Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMSI) International is an industry-leading nonprofit program that promotes production and supports the research of manufacturers and adopts ManuVation’s next generation of production and process technology. IMSI offers the framework and support for international workshops, forums, research and dissemination of information for large companies, small to medium-sized enterprises, universities, and research institutions.  The World Manufacturing Forum (WMF) is created and promoted by IMSI. The organization provides workshops, project coaching, ManuVation 4.0 guidebooks and a collaborative international environment for strong ideas exchange and synergy development. The WMF promotes innovation and development within the production sector to enhance competitiveness in all nations by engaging in dialog and cooperation between the key stakeholders of the manufacturing sector.

In its project clustering methodology, IMSI successfully links manufacturing R&D operations. It is to be considered that, this is not a traditional workshop for information sharing, but rather a focused activity to form productive cooperation between current projects.

IMS International and ASM International signed a co-operation agreement to explore marketing and services opportunities for manufacturers, researchers, and manufacturing stakeholders including workshops to advance manual science and promote industrial integration into the 25,000 member organization of ASM International and the IMSI network of new products and technology. They also explore the publishing and dissemination of manufacturing content and collaborate with STEP/ISO-10303 for integrating material information. To promote one another membership, organizations will examine opportunities and offer incentives and common benefits in the future.

The seventh edition of the WMF took place at Villa Erba in Cernobbio, Italy in collaboration with the partners Politecnico of Milano and Confindustria Lombardia. The international manufacturing event has produced records with 30 international speakers from over 40 countries and 900 participants. The new WMF formed by the Intelligent Manufacturing System, Confindustria Lombardia, and Politecnico di Milano partners coincides with this record turnout. The success of the new foundation shows the global reach of the WMF.

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