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Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Eric Goldreyer, CEO

The launch of the digital portfolio has brought significant changes in the EdTech, where students and educators are now being able to store their documents by uploading on the platform for lifetime.

FREMONT, CA: “Despite billions of dollars being spent on education, the only consistent tools we use to assess student success are standardized tests and GPAs. This is what bulb intends to change,” said Eric Goldreyer, CEO of bulb Digital Portfolios earlier, and here they bring another ground-breaking change.

bulb Digital Portfolios, an advanced learning tool for students and teachers announced that embedded Google files now can be imitated as PDFs and stored forever in their bulb Asset Library. The company released significant updates to commenting, analytics, badging, and credentialing as well.

The power of bulb is on a rise to support the changing learning needs of today and into the future. The solution’s enhanced features aid students in building positive online behavior, managing privacy, and encouraging meaningful collaborations. bulb was featured as one of the Top 10 Connected Education Solution Providers in 2018 by Education Technology Insights and holds the position of an award-winning digital portfolio that can be used from K-8, in high school, college, and career pursuits for a lifetime of learning.

The launch taking place later this summer allows users to keep the desired content after losing access to a school-based Google account. The existing integrations include single sign-on, admission to Google Drive for embedding documents, and uploading pictures from Google Photos. By using the latest Google Classroom integration, students can create reports in bulb and turn-in work via Google Classroom, filing their learning over a lifetime

The modern features that the company provides are massive, and it gives a platform that enables private and public visibility of comments. The functionality nurtures dialog crucial to learning and meanwhile offers users complete control over the privacy of their work. bulb’s new platform also allows the users to check the page views, likes, and comments that can lend them valuable insights about the potential interpretation of their content by others. It encourages educators to showcase their badges and credentials earned via Badgr, which can amplify their professional development efforts.

the bulb is free of ads, complies with global data security policies, and prevents user information to 3rd parties. It also blends with most LMS or SIS systems, including Microsoft Office 365, Google, Canvas, Schoology and Blackboard, and is used by students and teachers from more than 120 countries. 

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