OpenSesame! The Mouth of the E-learning Cave has Opened!

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Effective e-learning allows more participants to access more personalized instruction compared to traditional classroom-based instruction. Through OpenSesame’s effective e-learning program, participants will be evaluated in the levels of reaction, learning, and behavior.

FREMONT, CA: OpenSesame, the company pioneering as an e-learning innovator, offering the world’s most comprehensive online catalog of curated courses, has announced its membership in the SAP PartnerEdge plan to further improve the learning familiarity. SAP SuccessFactors customers are at present leveraging the Open Content Network to launch their training programs with OpenSesame e-learning lessons swiftly.

OpenSesame helps to develop the most productive, admired, and skilled workforce in the whole world. Armed with the most comprehensive record of e-learning courses from the world’s topnotch publishers, the company is there to help each student and every apprentice in all steps of the way. The organization works systematically by assisting students in finding courses, charting them according to the learner’s core competencies, syncing them with the learning management system (LMS), and increasing the utilization of the learning and development (L&D) programs. Not only will the viewer have the flexibility of different purchasing options from the OpenSesame interface, but he will also find it easy enough to implement and administer the e-learning lessons.

OpenSesame has broken the e-learning myths that are holding organizations, and consequently, the employees, back from valuable commercial training prospects. Considerable advancements in e-learning technology over the last few years not only have made building coursework lucid and cost-effective but also led to an increase in the quality of the unique employee training lessons available for online procurement.

It is efficiency that empowers L&D to deliver on-time and to budget. This ability to deliver creates a reputation of competence, and, with it, trust. In turn, that trust is the key to further, more strategic conversations.

The expansion of the partnership with SAP by uniting with the PartnerEdge program will strengthen the capability of OpenSesame to increase the e-learning ecosystem for mutual LMS customers. Through the SAP PartnerEdge program, OpenSesame will be able to provide even more benefits through the available tools and application programming interfaces (APIs) from SAP software business applications.

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