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Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Mark Gruzin, CEO

Frontline Education's acquisition of Perennial EdTech aims at bringing better value to the education sector by increasing the breadth of issues solved through the Frontline's platform.

FREMONT, CA: Want to have a one-stop solution to manage the organization’s data and processes? Frontline Education’s school administration software can help institutions achieve the goal with poise. Frontline Education, a chief provider of school administration software for the K-12 education sector, announced the acquirement of Perennial EdTech. While all the solutions and services provided by Perennial EdTech and Frontline Education will continue to function as usual.

The enterprise has earned a spot in Education Technology Insight Magazine’s 10 Hottest K12 Solution Providers. The enterprise allows strategic K-12 leaders and organizations with school administration software to proactively administer the business operations, human capital, and special education. Frontline solutions decrease the organizational workload and eliminate ineffective processes while providing actionable insights associated with the strategic purposes of education leaders.

Frontline solutions offering contain:

• Human Resource Management System and Recruiting.

• Absence and Time: The solution helps in maintaining the employ attention.

• Professional Growth: Helps in advancing teachers’ professional growth.

• Central: A solution that manages people without paperwork.

The acquisition of Perennial EdTech will bring better value to the education sector by increasing the breadth of issues solved through the Frontline Education platform. Perennial EdTech is a set of education software enterprises who aim to advance K-12 school administration software ecosystems. The suite strives to deliver administrators, educators, business office staff, and pupils with potent technology tools accessible. Perennial EdTech’s existing companies include:

• Escape Technology (manages Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)).

• Digital Schools (supervises school business software).

• eDoctrina (focuses on assessment, curriculum, and accountability software).

• Healthmaster (directs the school health management).

• Software Answers (runs classroom and student management software).

Additionally, Frontline aims at continuing to put together their products based on finest practices to help organization administrations draw and retain the paramount staff, boost collaboration, promote persistent learning in the schoolroom, and support employee growth. The enterprise also plans to keenly focus on bringing together all the leading K-12 organizations to offer an integrated platform.

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